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Leipziger Improvisationsfestival for Early Music LivFe! under Martin Erhardt's direction

Book Publication

Upon a Ground - Improvisation on Ostinato Basses from the Sixteenth to the Eighteenth Centuries

Translated by Milo Machover

A hands-on guide for use in class,

in a group or alone.

for all instruments

Including two play-along CDs in 415 and 440Hz

Edition Walhall Nr. 905, Verlag Franz Biersack, Magdeburg 2013

ISMN: M-50070-905-3

148 Pages, including 2 CDs

EUR 29,80


"... denn das Ohr will immerfort betrogen seyn." Von Sirenen und anderen Verführungen

in: Von Brücken und Brüchen, Jörn Arnecke (Hg.), Olms, 2013

Wie historisch kann "Historische Improvisation" sein? - Vier Stichproben aus Basso-ostinato-Stücken als Inspirationsquellen

in: Musiktheorie und Vermittlung, Ralf Kubicek (Hg.), Olms 2014

Improvisation und Komposition in der Vokalpolyphonie des spten 15. Jahrhunderts: Eine gegenseitige Befruchtung

in: Musiktheorie und Improvisation, Jrgen Blume, Konrad Georgi (Hgg.), Schott 2015


Looking at Jazz, Klezmer and Irish Folk Sessions: Why not doing so with Early Music? In order to revive the culture of spontanious playing in renaissance and baroque music, Martin Erhardt and Annegret Fischer created a new platform: The "EarlyMusic-JamSession". Since 2005, we invite regulary to listen and to participate in our Sessions, who mostly take place in Weimar or Leipzig. Everybody playing in 415Hz may join us. We are playing on Grounds, dance tunes, baroque Evergreens and Standards from the Renaissance. If you're interested, don't hesitate to contact me!


with Benjamin Dressler, Erik Warkenthin, Nora Thiele, Björn Werner (The Playfords) and Martin Erhardt.